Day Care Vincent

Day careAt Day Care Vincent we provide assistance to and care for children with mental and physical disabilities and/or limitations.
We provide this service cost-free. Firstly we assure that the children receive medical care at a local clinic for an exact diagnosis, relevant treatment or medication if applicable.
If these costs can’t be carried by parents/caretakers, we carry these costs on their behalf. As soon as the diagnosis has been made, we attempt to factually inform the child’s parents/caretakers in terms of the disability/limitation as well as educate them on the relevant care required. We have a physiotherapist in service that provides physiotherapy treatment three partial days per week.
She attempts to, with the assistance of parents/caretakers, to progress as much as possible with the children by considering their options and providing the relevant and exact required treatment.
We also organise group gatherings/sessions for parents/caretakers during which we provide information on, amongst others, the caring for the child, hygiene, birth control, HIV/Aids, etc.
Lastly we also visit children in their own living environment to understand further needs and/or requirements (e.g. a special wheelchair) and to provide specific advice on the situation.
Every Saturday the Day Care is also used to provide training programmes to children from the surrounding towns. For more information, see ‘Aflatoun Education’.

Day Care VincVincent van Wijmenent is named after Vincent van Wijmen. He was an attorney from Breda (the Netherlands) and secretary of the foundation: Stichting Katholieke Wezenverzorging.
During his sickness one of his nurses introduced him to Stichting Home Sweet Home. In his commemoration, Stichting Katholieke Wezenverzorging Breda contributed financially towards the realisation of Day Care Vincent.

Would you like to support the children of Day Care Vincent? You are most welcome to become a friend of Day Care Vincent – from €5 per month. Click here for more information