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Would you like to support our children at the children's home of Home Sweet Home, our Day Care Vincent or the Care Farm? Then we would like to invite you to become a friend of Home Sweet Home! This way you will support our entire project. You can be friends by contributing monthly starting at €5. As a friend we will keep you informed about all activities at Home Sweet Home. And you will get invited for meetings and other activities held in the Netherlands.

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Please note that the name you register with is identical to the name of your bank account.
If you live in the Netherlands and have a Dutch bank account, your contribution will be deducted automatically on the 10th of each month. Two months before your automatic donation deduction will expire, you will receive a reminder from us.

If you live abroad, you can make your donation yourself on a monthly basis at:
Stichting Home Sweet Home

Address of the foundation:
Prinses Margrietstraat 9, 

6096 AX  Grathem
The Netherlands
Bank account number: NL73 RABO0122 8824 15