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 In general the education of Uganda is of a substandard level. Many children often lack, despite years of schooling, the opportunity to develop essential and basic skills they need in life to attain independence, e.g. social skills, financial skills, etc.

It is for this reason that we started to follow the Aflatoun-programme in 2015 for a few children of Home Sweet Home and for children from the surrounding villages. Aflatoun is a professional programme that enables children to develop and even expand themselves on social, financial and personal level. Through this programme, the children learn about themselves, (child) rights and responsibilities, saving and spending, planning, budgeting and undertaking new initiatives. The programme is applied with wide success in various diverse countries and is also recognised by Unicef and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

Education - AflatounOur experience with the programme is very positive and the children and parents of children that took part of it are also very enthusiastic about it. We are able to offer new learning material for every development level and in this way we can easily adjust the lesson programme to the relevant level of the children. Via this way we can really make a difference! The children are keen to join the lessons every Saturday.
We are also very thankful that we, through Startup4kids in the Netherlands, are once again able to offer this programme to our children and the children from our immediate environment/village.

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